Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything about our brand and products, and get factual responses.

What’s the smallest trailer you have?

The smallest trailer we manage is 10x8x7

Do you finance?

Yes we do, the application can be done online and is soft pull so it won't impact your credit if you apply. Now offering up to 30,000

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes it does, one year warranty, Our cooking equipments have NSF certified.

Will it pass inspection?

Yes, Feel confident with us, our skilled teams will guide you effortlessly the inspection process ensuring its simple and fast. We check the county regulations so we can guarantee you will get your permits

What’s the cheapest trailer you have?

The 10x8x7 which starts at $20,255 USD

Can you deliver?

Yes we can (with a delivery fee)

What’s the down payment?

We always require $5000 Down Payment for make to order

What colors do you have?

Blue, red, green, purple, yellow, black, pink, You can customize your food trailer with no additional charges. Pick your preferred color and transform your mobile business into a vibrant reality.

Where are they built?

Our trailers are proudly crafted in the USA with the best quality.

How much are the monthly payments?

Between $700 - $1000